One-On-One Tutoring

Discovery Learning Institute One-On-One Tutoring

Our approach provides tutoring which is:

  • Tailored to your sudent’s individual needs;
  • Personal – one-on-one, in person, customized tutoring; focused on your student’s goals;
  • Convenient – at a location near you or in your home;
  • Affordable – One-on-one, in person tutoring at a price you can afford.

TAILORED – Discovery Learning Institute can help you meet your student’s goals. We provide customized support for your student: All grades, all subjects! Not another preplanned curriculum that your student has to try to fit into. We know that there are lots of reasons for wanting a tutor and everyone has a different need whether it is:

  • To fill in gaps of knowledge missed in the classroom along the way.
  • For others it is learning study skills and techniques that work for them to focus and retain knowledge.
  • Boost college standardized tests to get them into their dream university.

PERSONAL – We meet with your student fact to face and one on one. No virtual tutoring, no group tutoring. Your student is the only focus of our tutors. Our tutors get to know your student…their learning styles, their personality, and their interests. Our tutors become ‘cheerleaders’ for your student’s success.

CONVENIENT – Discovery Learning Institute comes to you, where you are most comfortable, your local library, your home, your favorite coffee shop. We work closely with you to find a time and place that works for you and your family.

AFFORDABLE – At Discovery Learning Institute we strive to give your student the best one-on-one- in person- tailored tutoring at a price that won’t break the family budget.